GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Aleksandra Scepanovic!

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Owner Of One Of The Biggest Brokerages In NYC With 200+ Agents! (ALEKSANDRA SCEPANOVIC INTERVIEW)
- Co-Owner Of Ideal Properties Group!
- Grew One Of The Biggest Brokerages In NYC!
More Info About Aleksandra!
Aleksandra Scepanovic is the co-owner of Ideal Properties Group in New York City, one of the biggest brokerages in NYC with over 200 real estate agents on their team! Inside this epic GSD Mode Podcast Interview, Aleksandra gets into what brought her to the real estate industry and to the United States, what it was like living in a country during a war and experiencing groups in the streets with AK-47s, how she has been able to develop and grow one of the biggest and most successful brokerages in NYC, things they are doing to adapt and shift in order to stay ahead of the curve during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so much more awesome info! Don’t skip this one, hit play!

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