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Flashback GSD Mode Podcast Interview With AJ Mida
30 Hour Work Week While Selling 60+ Homes Per Year! : Flashback GSD Mode Interview w/ AJ Mida
-  60 Transactions in 3rd Year!
- $300,000 in Commissions Per Year!
More Info About AJ Mida!
Welcome to another installment of GSD Mode Flashback Interviews! This one is an awesome interview with AJ Mida, a realtor that at the time was closing 60 transactions during his 3rd year, and on track to make $300,000 in Commission Income while only working 30 hours a week. This one is an awesome rare flashback, check it out!

“In this Top Agent / Entrepreneur Interview I go deep with AJ Mida on how he is on track to close 60 transactions in his third year as a real estate agent. AJ is projected to pull in a whopping 300K GCI while working only 30 hours a week..” 
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